The Scanlon Cup - Achill's own "All Ireland" is sure to be discussed, argued about, and sometimes even fought over wherever and whenever Achill people meet and reminisce. It has an inexplicable magic of its own - an ability to arouse to fever pitch the passions and emotions of even the most mild-mannered person, be it on the pitch itself in the heat of battle, or on the sideline where many a mother, wife or girlfriend have taken great pride in the great deeds being performed by the men in their lives, and have staunchly defended their honour against any foolish person who dared doubt their ability, courage or even their genealogy itself. The great pride and love that Achill people have for their "áit dúchais" can be seen from the distances many people have travelled to play in the Scanlon Cup matches or just to be there to support their team.

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The Achill GAA Club would like to say a special thanks to Chris McGinty and Seán Grealis for their permission to use material contained in their book

'The Scanlon Cup 1954 - 1995.'

Go raibh míle maith agaibh ó Chlub Lúithchleas Gael Acla.