1942 Achill vs Bonniconlon


Achill, 3-6; Bonniconlon, 1-4.

Achill scored a deserved victory over Bonniconlon in the Mayo Junior Final at Castlebar on Sunday on the score of 3 goals and 6 points to 1 goal and 4 points. Sunday’s game was played under wretched conditions. There was a good deal of mis-kicking and bad fielding because of the slippery sod and ball, but against these there were some brilliant bouts of football.
All through the game Achill had a decisive pull at midfield where Brady (Achill) hit the high spots. He was ably assisted in his efforts by his partner Jimmy Scanlon and M. Mullaney, who played a sterling game and was never far away to lend a helping hand. Hereabouts, I would say, the match was won and lost and even on the rare occasions when Bonniconlon did succeed in getting past the Achill centre-field they came up against a rock-like defence where Scanlon, the Achill full-back and Captain, gave an outstanding display. His kicking and handling of the slippery ball were a treat to watch and he was well supported by Corrigan in goal. Others to shine around this section too, were O’Loughlin, Meenaghan and Cooney, particularly the latter who must be one of the most polished footballers playing today. Bonniconlon were well served by McLoughlin at full-back, Seary and Dixon (up to the time of his retirement).
The first half was scarcely started when Achill in a determined rush on the Bonniconlon sticks, chalked up the first score of the match, a goal. Bonniconlon then took a hand and had two points. After some hectic clashes at midfield, Achill broke away for a point. Then Bonniconlon had another point and Achill had two further points, leaving the half-time score for Achill 1 goal and 3 points, Bonniconlon 3 points.
Bonniconlon started the second half in great style and, after persistent pressure, were rewarded with a goal. Flannery (Achill) had a like score almost immediately. From the kick-off which Brady fielded at midfield he streaked away on a great solo run and, having drawn the opposing backs, sent Madden through for the best of the match, a goal.
Scanlon (Achill) then had a point from a free. From the kickout Bonniconlon broke away and a brilliant passing movement ended in a goal. Achill were back in a flash, helped on by roars of encouragement from their supporters. Mullaney got possession, passed to Brady who, in turn, sent Joyce away. His effort from six yards out was brilliantly pushed out by the Bonniconlon goalman, but Madden was near at hand to drive to the net. From then on Achill held the whip hand and Bonniconlon seemed to have tired and did not last the pace as well as their opponents.
At the conclusion scenes of the wild jubilation were witnessed. The Achill boys were congratulated on all sides. This is the first year they have affiliated a team and to have annexed the County title at the first attempt must surely be bordering on a record.
The committee in charge of the team were indeed compensated to the full by last Sunday’s victory. Nevertheless, in congratulating the Achill team let us not forget the men behind them whose good work enabled transport and other necessities to be available at all times. Nor let us not forget the vanquished who gave of their best, and wish them better luck next time.
The members of the Achill team were: M. Corrigan, M. Moran, P. Scanlon, P. O’Loughlin, J. Cooney, S. Meeneghan, Owen J. Kilbane, M. Mullaney, J. Scanlon, A. Moran, Des Brady, M.J. Flannery, P. Cattigan, F. Joyce and J. Madden. Subs: J. O’Malley, W. O’Malley, D. Gallagher, W. Clarke, T. Mulloy, F. Sweeney and M.P. Gallagher.